Toilet Supply Line Sizes and Details

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As one of the important part of house, toilet supply line sizes must have good maintenance. The shut off valve has a 3/8” fitting while the toilet tank has 7/8” fitting. When you have bought a 3/8” brass tube with a special flared end, you can match it with chrome plated brass. This kind of sizes of toilet supply line tends to corrode.

The next sizes of toilet supply line is flexible supply lines, the popular supply line with factory installed fittings. You can move it for proper alignment. It also has the ends with built-in integral washers. The fittings screw onto the toilet tank and valve but they don’t need additional parts.

Finally, you have learnt some types of sizes of toilet supply line. The lines have various lengths that come along your requirements, for instance 9”, 12”, 15” and 20”. Make sure that the lines are slightly longer than your requirements. When the lines are too long, loop them under the tank. It is not a big deal but it is less desirable.

Description: toilet supply line sizes are varied and you have to be aware on deciding the toilet lines with your toilet condition. The lines should be a little bit longer.

toilet supply line sizes

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Toilet Supply Line Sizes and Details